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Occupational Therapy

What is it? & How might it fit your lifestyle?

First, lets consider the word, occupation. In the world of Occupational Therapy(OT), occupation, refers to any activity that an individual does which occupies their time. Some OT's describe it as, anything which an individual needs, wants, or has to do, for self-care, leisure &/or productivity

Occupational Therapy is the assessment & treatment of various physical & mental health conditions by interacting with the client as a whole, considering the Person, Environment & the Occupation, rather than focusing on a specific diagnosis. It relies on client-directed goal setting & engagement through the use of occupational interventions. 

Watering the Plants

Assistance with Independence in Life Skills & Activities of Daily Living

Are you or a family member struggling with doing activities that are important to daily function, and personal selfcare?

Do you or a family member have difficulties with life skills and time management?


Functional Evaluations

Occupational Therapy can conduct evaluations of how the body operates and how it may impact occupations in your personal, work, or leisure life.

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Adult & Senior Mental Health

Occupational Therapist can support clients in the treatment of various mental health conditions. Using a person-centered approach, OT's enable clients in identifying, adapting, and resolving goals. Thereby supporting mental health with active client engagement and whole-person focus.

Implementation Planning

Cognitive Assessment

Elizabeth has been certified to provide and assess the results of the Montreal Cognitive Assessment (MoCA), and qualified to conduct Mini-Mental Status Exams (MMSE) and other cognitive assessment tools.

The MoCA has been found to be one of the most effective diagnostic tools used to support the diagnosis of mild to moderative cognitive decline. 

Finance Consultancy

Canadian Occupational Performance Measure (COPM)

The COPM is an assessment tool used by Occupational Therapists to enable clients to identify their satisfaction of occupations or tasks in their personal, working or leisure lives, and allows the OT to prioritize care.

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Home Accessibility Assessments

Occupational Therapists are trained to support clients in determining necessary or potential home modification and equipment needs to enable activities of daily living (ADLs) for all functional needs.

Home accessibility assessments provide an environmental assessment of a clients primary residence, in addition to a functional evaluation of the client needs. Findings and recommendations report included.

Wooden House

Functional Home Renovation & Building Consultations

Occupational Therapists are regulated healthcare professionals qualified to make recommendations about the accessibility of homes for individuals with home-health support needs. These consultations may be combined with home accessibility assessments.

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Senior Home Safety

Aware Health Services offers home safety assessments, by a certified Senior Home Safety Specialist. This assessment is used to determine the safety of an individual in their current home, rather than accessibility.

For more information about Senior Home Safety & Age Safe Canada click the logo.

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