Infant Massage is a therapeutic massage that is designed for the physiology of an infant. Infant massage has a wide variety of benefits including, the stimulation of the physiological systems of the body (circulatory, nervous, and gastrointestinal). 

It relieves stress and creates healthy interaction and communication between the infant and parents/caregiver. 

It assists in the sensory stimulation necessary for growth and motor development. 

It helps in the regulation of sleep patterns, in the relief of gas and colic, and helps to strengthen the immune system. 

* Infant Massage Course *

This course will provide parents/caregivers with the knowledge and correct techniques to perform positive touch and massage to their infants in the comfort of their homes.

PLEASE NOTE: This course does not qualify any non-RMT to provide massage therapy services. This course only provides basic instruction for personal family contact. If your infant/child has an injury or unknown health issue please contact your family doctor; do not attempt to treat yourself.

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