A Doula or Labour Support Provider is a professional trained in assisting an expectant mother, partner and family in the pregnancy and delivery process. 

The Doula provides continued support and knowledge through all stages of pregnancy, delivery and post delivery. She/he will assist in the development of a birth plan and see that it is followed to the best of her/his ability. 

The Doula provides information and an objective opinion to the mother and helps to facilitate communications between the labouring mother, partners and the health care providers. 

A Doula will above all else, strive to shape the best possible birthing experience for each labouring mother.

Testimonial 1

"Having Liz as our doula was an incredibly amazing experience. From the start she was there to help us learn about and plan what we could for the birth of our son, James.

She answered any and all questions we had, provided excellent resources, and checked in regularly throughout the pregnancy to provide as much or as little support as we wanted. She was open to whatever we wanted and encouraged us every step of the way. She really helped put us at ease with what was to come. 

I had an extremely long pre-labour and Liz was so supportive and helpful throughout the whole process providing encouragement, support, massages (oh, such fantastic and much needed massages!), advice, and reassurance. When the actual birth finally came; I don't know what I would have done without her. 

She was so fantastic! Going in she'd already found out all of our wishes with regard to the type of birth we wanted and she was ready to advocate for us should we need any extra support. 

Luckily things went smoothly and the hospital where our son was born was very encouraging and supportive as well. During the rougher parts of the birth, Liz was the voice that talked me through each contraction and every single push. I can still hear her voice when I think about that day. 

She really got me through "the moment of truth" when things were at their hardest.

An element I didn't really understand beforehand was the extent to which she was also a major support for my husband. Having her there took a lot of pressure off of him and provided me with some support when he needed someone to be there for both of us. 

She helped prepare him for the process as much as she did me, if not more. Having that extra person in the room that was both knowledgeable, but also very aware of the two of us helped in making the experience better for the whole family.

After James was born, Liz checked in on me throughout my postpartum care, but was also very tactful in giving our little family the space it needed to find its way through the new routine as we needed it. 

She left us with excellent information regarding infant massage and care for a newborn. Looking back on the experience, she was a true unsung hero, and I couldn't possibly thank her enough for everything she did for us. 

Liz's passion and dedication to pregnancy and infant massage is extremely contagious. She keeps her work close to her heart. Her kind, caring, intuitive, knowledgeable and professional attributes are what make her so fabulous at what she does. 

Anyone fortunate enough to be able to have her assist in their birth will not regret it and I guarantee they will sing her praises as much as we do in our family. She's amazing and I look forward to having her at the birth of our second child when the time comes. 

Testimonial 2

Having 2 small children at home and living away from close friends and family; it was no question that my husband and I wanted labor support for our 3rd child Zeya. 

"It's nice going into a Hospital where you are not familiar with the nurses and Doctors, with comfort and confidence having people by your side that know exactly what you want from your birth."

Honestly I was a bit sceptical at how efficient her help was going to be seeing as Liz had never given birth to children of her own. But she delivered above and beyond! (Pardon the pun) Her excellent coaching skills guided me through, she was very knowledgeable and answered all my questions and worked well with the Hospital staff. 

Her relaxing massages soothed my heavy contractions leading up to Zeya's birth. A definite +!!!! 

Thanks Liz

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